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Disney’s ‘Into the Woods’ drops 10 new production photos

1: Meryl Streep as the Witch & James Corden as the Baker 2: James Corden as the Baker & Lilla Crawford as Red Riding Hood 3: Mackenzie Mauzy as Rapunzel 4: James Corden as the Baker & Emily Blunt as the Baker’s Wife 5: Chris Pine as Cinderella’s Prince 6: Johnny Depp as the Wolf 7: Billy Magnussen as Rapunzel’s Prince 8: Lucy Punch as Lucinda, Christine Baranski as Cinderella’s Stepmother & Tammy Blanchard as Florinda 9: Daniel Huttlestone as Jack & Tracey Ullman as Jack’s Mother 10: Anna Kendrick as Cinderella

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2014 Primetime Emmy Nominees for:
Outstanding Costumes For A Series

Boardwalk Empire
Episode ‘New York Sour’ (4.1)
Costume Designer John Dunn
Costume Designer Lisa Padovani
Costume Supervisor Joseph La Corte

Downton Abbey
Episode 8 (series 4)
Costume Designer Caroline McCall
Costume Supervisor Heather Leat
Assistant Costume Designer Poli Kyriacou

Game Of Thrones
Episode ‘The Lion and The Rose’ (4.2)
Costume Designer Michele Clapton
Costume Supervisor Sheena Wichary
Assistant Costume Designer Alexander Fordham
Assistant Costume Designer Nina Ayres

Once Upon A Time
Episode ‘A Curious Thing’ (3.19)
Costume Designer Eduardo Castro
Assistant Costume Designer Monique McRae

Mad Men
Episode ‘Time Zones’ (7.1)
Costume Designer Janie Bryant
Costume Designer Tiffany White Stanton
Costume Supervisor Stacy Horn

I’d love to see Once take the Emmy home. Especially for Glinda’s costume alone. I have a feeling Game of Thrones will take the win, those costumes for the wedding were extremely detailed and beautiful. I don’t know if the camera really captures all the detail in that goes into the costumes. Would of liked to see Vikings get a nom. I wonder if Penny Dreadful was eligible?

screencaps were done by me

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2014 Primetime Emmy nominees for:
Outstanding Costumes for a Mini Series, Movie or a Special

American Horror Story: Coven
Episode ‘Bitchcraft’
Costume Designer Lou Eyrich
Costume Supervisor Elizabeth Macey
Assistant Costume Designer Ken Van Duyne

House Of Versace
Costume Designer Clair Nadon
Assistant Costume Designer Nicole Magny

The Normal Heart
Costume Designer Daniel Orlandi
Costume Supervisor Gail A. Fitzgibbons
Costume Supervisor Hartsell Taylor
Assistant Costume Designer Maria Tortu

Sherlock: His Last Vow
Costume Designer Sarah Arthur
Costume Supervisor Ceri Walford

The White Queen
Episode ‘The Price Of Power’
Costume Designer Nic Ede
Costume Supervisor Raissa Hans
Assistant Costume Designer Elizabeth Healy

To be truthful I’m underwhelmed & perplexed by these nominees. I don’t want to take away from the nominees because they all did a good job but I could think of a few more who deserved to be nominated. I’m perplexed that Dancing On The Edge, Klondike or Bonnie & Clyde didn’t get a nom. Especially Dancing on the Edge.

Having watched all of these movies/mini series and I definitely think The White Queen should win. Hands down. American Horror Story could edge it out.

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